Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Shopping

I thought long and hard about driving to The Shops at La Cantera under the pretense of doing some Christmas shopping. Really, I wanted to go to the Apple store. My daughter loves to play with all of daddy's toys, including, but no limited to his Sony PSP, 17" G4 PowerBook, XBox, PS2, Palm Treo 650 and so on. For the sake of preserving my beloved (yeah, that's right, I said it) PowerBook, I wanted to buy an iCurve and an Apple wireless keybaord.

However, lethary prevailed and I stayed home to read Paul Stamatiou's blog. I'll probably head over tomorrow during lunch and pick up a couple of things. I've never been one to buy accessoriers for my computer. I hated paying for software and never even thought about buying a better keyboard or wireless mouse. But now that I'm a proud Mac owner, I'm always thinking about what I can buy to enrich my computing experience - not to mention thinking about buying other Macs.

I have to admit that I'm really interested in Windows Visa and that might force me to buy another Windows machine, but I'm still debating. I'm not doing any heavy computing at the moment and the PowerBook has done more than serve me well.

Oh, and to add one more thing, I'll be changing my website address one I register a domain name. Unfortunately, the one that I wanted is taken by Go Daddy, so I can go with another one or see about waiting until their registration runs out in 2007.


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