Thursday, December 22, 2005

A Life Less Boring

I wish I had something more interesting to blog about. Unfortunately, I spend most of my time about work and blogging about work is a major no-no.

Althought, this much I can say. I've saved quite a bit of money this holiday season from all of the food and goodies people are bringing to work. Potlucks, breakfast tacos, candy, baked goods, you name it. I haven't had to buy lunch all week. I'll probably have to fend for myself tomorrow, but I've save at leats $20 this week from eating free food.

Ephrain's new answer for everything catch phrase is "THE SHOCKA'!" It's kind of endearing and I've found myself proclaiming "shocka" a few times myself.

Since my brother-in-law Jason is going to be out of town for Christmas, we went to his house tonight and ate turkey and ham. I met one of Laura's friends who also works at my bank - small world. Liz is going to let Jason use her Element while Element is in the shop. I'm OK with that as long as he complies with two stipulations.

  • He lets me hold all of his Family Guy DVDs for collateral

  • He allows me to place one sticker of my choosing on his Element

Not too much to ask if you ask me - but who is?


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