Monday, February 27, 2006

De Ja Vu: Bad Day

The running theme in my blog is that I have bad days. Or maybe it's becuase I only feel like blogging when I have a bad day.

Liz is very, very pregnant and very, very miserable. She wants Bella out of her as soon as possible. I can't blamer her, poor thing looks like she's constantly uncomfortable. She has trouble breathing. She's always fatigued. She has trouble standing up. Hey, I think I might be pregnant!?!

I haven't had a chance to listen to any good podcasts lately. I went over to Scott's last night to record some vocals for a tack he's doing call The Tomorrow. I gave him a slightly different artistic directly.

Sometimes I really like working with my iCurve and wireless keyboard and other times I really like working on my 17" PowerBook as a notebook. Tonight is a good example. I'm taken it down off of the iCurve twice to use it as notebook, only to put it back on the iCurve and grab my wireless keyboard.

Speaking of using my PowerBook - Liz did a nice job fixing the broken Tab key. I don't know why she goes out of her way to do things that are going to cause me to lose my sanity?

It's approximately 11:08pm and I'm tired. I know I'm going to have a challenging day tomorrow. And to think that I was going to ask for the day off. And then I was going to ask for Wednesday off, but now I don't think I'll get any day off. Oh well.


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