Saturday, February 11, 2006

Size Difference

Triton is my 12" PowerBook 1.5GHz and Tautog is my 17" PowerBook 1.67GHz. I've been using Tautog with an iCurve and Apple Wireless Keyboard and Mouse for some time, so really it just acts like a screen. Now that I've been working on Triton for some time, using Tautog (which is the one I'm writing this post on) is like driving a bus. Not that I'm complaining. Having ALL of this screen real estate is really nice, but I still like the fact that I can pick up Triton with one hand and he'll fit in my bag withoutu any problems.

I spoke with Scott this evening. I'm still trying to get him to buy a PowerBook. Obviously, it's a major luxury to be able to go out and buy any computer, especially when there is not an immediate need for it. But as any Macophile will tell you, not having a Mac around is a cause for alarm and buying one ASAP would be grounds for pilfering junior's college fund if necessary.


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