Thursday, February 02, 2006


So now that I plan to go back to school and finish my degree program in Finance, I thought I would get an ultra-portable notebook computer. For the purposes of this blog post, ulta-portable is a screen no bigger than 14" and weighs less than 5 Lbs.

I've been teetering back and forth between the 12" iBook G4 and the 12" PowerBook G4. The obvious difference is that the PowerBook is more powerful right off the bat, constructed a little better and looks a lot cooler. The downside of the PowerBook is that it is $500 more expensive and I would be devastated if anything happen to it; conversely, the iBook is only $999 and constructed of polycarbonate plastic (think bullet proof windshields).

What finally made my decision today was when I called 1-800-MY-APPLE and talked to Corey. He told me they had some of the latest revisions of the PowerBook G4 12" on the refurbished rack. Since they were the models from the most recent upgrade late last year, they couldn't have been owned that long, five or six months tops. And they were selling them refurbished with iLife '06 at essentially the same price as a brand new iBook.

I immediatly gave Corey my credit card number, got an order confirmation and now in approximately seven days (shorter if I know Apple) I should have a shiny new aluminum 1.5GHz 12" PowerBook delivered to me.

It is going to be so nice to be able to take my own personal computer with me on trips without having to pack Bengay to rub on my shoulders at the end of the day. Especially when you add the fact that most of the time I'll be traveling with my work IBM Think Pad T42 Lenovo (which is probably the best Windows laptop out right now).

I'll post some pictures of my new computer when it gets here - probably on Flickr.


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