Monday, January 23, 2006

EVDO Might Be The Way To Go

I've been very interested in EVDO technology since CES and MacWorld had a steady stream of blogging and Flickr clusters pouring out on "cellular" bandwidth. What I really had in mind was buying a 12" PowerBook and popping in an EVDO card to carry with me every which way. While I waiting on hold to speak to another department at work, I logged onto Cingular's website (my current carrer) and price the PCI cards. WTF? They're all Windows only!

Can you believe that? Cingular, the home of iTunes support, not carrying a Mac OS X compatible PCI card? So I googled "EVDO + Mac OS X" and found Brian Foy's December 30th entry on his O'Reilly blog about using the Kyrocera KPC650 EVDO card offered through Verizon. He didn't mention any plan pricing, but I'd imagine it would be comparable to the $60 USD that I've been seeing everywhere else.

I think EVDO is going to be the way of the future. Instead of dedicated DSL or cable modems and wardriving for a wifi hotspot, people are going to create their own mobile connectivity by paying for built in modems and broadband through a GSM network. As long as the bandwidth and specs are comparable to what I'm used to on a Road Runner cable modem, I'll accept a little degradation for the mobility offered.

I'm definitly going to keep my eye on this one.


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