Sunday, January 08, 2006

Thank you, sir! May I have another?

I love to initiate somebody new into the Mac culture. Today I took Scott down the Apple Store La Cantera so he could take a look at why apple is the greatest computer in the world. I showed him some of the features that Mac users take for granted and Windows users pine over. Expose! iPhoto's Ken Burn's effect! Not have to reboot every five minutes! We had a great time. Special thanks goes out to Noelle(?) for hanging out with us and answering our questions.


Why does Nordstrom's have an eBar? And why is it called the "eBar"? In my opinion, if you're going to put 'e' in front of any common noun, than it should at least have wifi access. Instead, Nordstrom's offers overpriced caffeine drinks and vegetarian wraps. The latte was good but I wanted to check my email and read the C|Net reviews for the Canon camera I saw at the Apple store.


I think I've made up my mind. My bonus this month is the largest I've ever gotten and Steve may be "And One More Thing"ing some really cool hardware. I think I'm going to have to get another computer. I'm thinking either an iBook or a Mac Mini to run on my Sharp Aquos LCD I've got in my bedroom. That would be awesome - I could start digging stories before I even get out of bed. Well, if the remote is close at hand maybe?


So I'm off to C|Net to check out their final coverage of all the new products of CES!


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