Thursday, January 05, 2006

Staphing Problem

"This is spider bite," Dr. Lett told us once he pulled off the two layers of gauze that had become pasted to Liz's leg. It turns out that Liz's bacterial infection is more likely a venemous insect bite. Dr. Lett (Liz's OB) told us that Liz had quite a bit of necrosis around the lesion and that's typically indicative of some type of toxin injected into the body - in this case, most likely from a brown recluse.

So we've changed the course of medical treatment - rather than keep the wound cloistered in a tourniquet, we are cleaning it regularly and watching it very closesly. Thankfully, Dr. Lett assauged our fears about the bite potentially affecting our unborn daugher. He explained to us that the bite was localized and no threat to the fetus. Well, something we can be happy about.

Liz is still in quite a bit of pain, but she can now walk on her leg again. She's been able to keep her spirits high depsite everything her poor body has been going through. I'll keep you posted on the healing process.


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