Monday, January 23, 2006

Ugh! I've got to go to Dallas tomorrow and I just don't want to. Liz has been sick all day (stomach issues). Sophia has been coughing pretty bad all week, mostly at nights. I just don't feel like leaving my hobbled wife to fend for herself and out daughter. This pregnancy has been tougher than the last one. To Liz's credit, she has been an absolutely trooper, or as Ricky Kang, founder of Kick Ass Karate might say, "a warrior!"

I'm all packed and as has become my pre-flight ritual, I'm taking a few moments to load up the theh 60GB 5G iPod for a flight - even if it takes all of 30 minutes. There still ground commutes, waiting for taxis and buses. This time around I'm trying Amber Mac's newest podcast, Inside the Net, co-hosted by Leo Laporte. I don't know if you're familary with Amber, but she's a Canadian techie who has impeccable pronounciation (even for a Canadian) and seems to be way too goody-two-shoes for her own good. Don't get me wrong, I like people who aren't about getting into trouble, but there's a point where you just have to be able to go with a joke. Right?

I also downloaded a few episodes of the Cool Hunting video cast. I like the website so logic wold dictate that I would like the podcast. I'm just hoping between now and 6am I get a new episode of Diggnation. That would be the best. I think what I'll end up listening too is TWiT - you just can't got wrong with Laporte, Norton, Dvorak, Rose, Chang and MacArthur.

Anyways, I need to try and get to bed early. I don't know if Liz is going to keep me up with her illness, but I was friggin' exhausted today. And tomorrow I've got meetings, a lunch, a dinner and a bowling tournament (WTF?). See, if I already had my 12" PBook, I would have been able to blog some while I'm in Big D. Oh well, I'll get it this Thursday and then I'll have to take a special road trip to break it in.


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