Friday, March 10, 2006

Moleskine and Monkey Boy

I learned about Moleskine notebooks by looking at the Whatsinyourbag Cluster on Flickr. People are ditching their Palms and such for the "hipster PDA". I thought I'd give it a try, but 10 USD seemed a lot of money to throw down a pocket notebook. So I went with the much cheaper Cahier to start out with. I also started carrying around my "arrow" pen. I call it my "arrow" pen becuase the pocket clip thingy is in the shape of an arrow. I bought the pen at Office Depot for $4.95 USD. It really came in handy last night when Liz, my family and I stated sorting through boy names for our new baby. That is correct, it turns out that the newest addition to the Palumbo family is going to be a little boy. Dr. Lett had told Liz and I that we would be having another girl, so all this time, practically the entire nine months, we've been speaking about "Isabella". But just yesterday, a mere 8 days before the scheduled c-section, Dr. Lett's final sonogram informs us that we are having an XY. As far as names go, I've picked Vincenzo (Enzo), Jude, Paul, and Luke. Liz likes Jonah. We're going to need to figure this out soon enough.


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