Wednesday, March 22, 2006

All this recent traveling has taken it's toll on me...I woke up today feeling horrible. However, Liz, Sophia and Roman all had doctors appointments today and Liz was feeling even worse than me with only a few days since her c-section. Unfortunately, as much as I absolutely hate calling into work, it was a necessity today. I could rationalize it because I didn't take any time off directly after Roman's birth. In fact, I got on a place only two days later for a trip to Dallas. Oh well, I hope I don't get dinged for it.

I'm really thinking about adding another line to my Cingular plan. Another phone line just for me. I could use my Treo 650 just for work and I could have this second line just for personal use. I guess this way I would feel more comfortable giving out my mobile number to clients and co-workers.

I guess I can talk to Rick about it tomorrow. About how I think I'm (we're) losing money because I'm completely inaccessible to my clients at certain times and how I would be willing to go the extra mile to bring in more money.

Since we're on the subject of money, I noticed something on my last couple of business trips. I really like being around other business men. I liked being on the concierge floor of the Marriott, eating power breakfasts with other men of commerce, watching CNN on a 62" plasma. I like barking out a few last orders to my assistant right before I'm about to board the plane. I like getting ready for a meeting that I flew across the state for, it makes it that much more important. I think I really need to go back to college and get my business degree! And I think it should be an absolutee priority.

Post Script: Elizabeth and I finally decided on a name for our son: Roman Avery Palumbo. I still wanted Xavier to be his middle name because I thought it sounded a bit more powerful. Avery sounds like a rich dough-boy who doesn't know how to go out and hustle for his dinner. However, I don't think we'll be having any more children any time soon!


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