Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday Night

It's Sunday night and the Spurs are playing (down by 5 last time I heard). I didn't do much today. I cleaned out the inside of my Accord and went to service at Ephrain's hall.

Next week marks the start of May 2006. I will be turning 30 this year. And even thought I'm hitting the big 'three oh', I'm still working on my birthday present list to give out to my friends and family. Why get presents that you don't want/need?

What's on my list? Surprisingly a lot of stuff for my car. I'd really like to take my care to Ming Auto Detail Center and get the inside of my care totally detailed. I would also like to do the exterior detail as well, but the inside needs it more. The poor leather on my backseats have been through hell and back since I've bought that car.

I'd also like to get one of those low-profile deck spoilers to put on my trunk. I think that makes the Hondas look real sleek.

I'd also like to look into getting a new phone. My contract with Cingular is up a week after my birthday so I'd like to look into either upgrading my phone or going with a new carrier. Right now I'm looking at Sprint/Next (both sides too) and Verizon. I've heard that Verizon customer service is bad and I've heard that Sprint coverage in SoTex leaves room for improvement, but Cingular has given me a hard time in the past so I realize no carrier is going to be 100% perfect 100% of the time.


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