Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I feel regret passing!

I bought a phone and added a line to my already overloaded Cingular account because I wanted to have one mobile/PDA dedicated strictly to my job and one for friends and family. I bought the Samsung SGH-X497 which seems like a no-frills, but stable and sturdy phone. The phone was only 9.99 USD but also added an additional 9.99 USD to my monthly bill. About ten minutes after the transaction I started to feel a little remorse. However, now that I've been researching the RIM Blackberry 8700c, I feel much better about my purchase. It seems that the 8700c stands heads and shoulds above the Treo 650 that I've wrestled with for about a year now. One of the nicest features this new device will offer - the OS not locking up!?!.

So look for two clips on my belt next time you see me.


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