Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Apple Store

Liz's 17" PowerBook developed some vertical lines going down the middle of her screen. I took it to the Apple store today to have a Genius take a look at it.

First piece of bad news: The first thing he did was inspect the outside of the computer and, in doing so, found a dent on the side of the bottom casing by the power cord. He brought this to my attention and than followed up by informing me that my Apple Care would be effectively voided due to any damage to the laptop.

Second piece of bad news: He also explained to me that had there been no dent on the PowerBook, Apple considers "screen anomalies" to be cosmetic defects and thusly not covered by Apple Care. Damn!

Third piece of bad news: The out-of-pocket price to have both the screen and the LCD replaced either by the Apple store or the Apple Care depot would be between $1000 to $1300 USD. For that price I could go buy a new Intel Mac Book.

Needless to say I didn't hand over my credit card to have the repairs done, though I did take the estimate print out in case I decided to follow through with it. So I guess Liz and I will just have to keep watching Diggnation with "pong" lines between Kevin and Alex. Why does Apple have to be so miserly about their insurance. Apple is developing a bad reputation about how they handle screen problems.


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