Sunday, September 03, 2006

I'm going on two weeks now waiting for my Nextel demo line to be activated. I don't know if this is indicative of Sprint/Nextel or if my AE is just bad or lazy. My manager offered to let me have one of the store's demo lines for free, but I'd actually be saving money by porting over a non-AR Sprint line that I'm paying $50+ on a month to a Nextel AR plan that will have a much lower MRC. The only down side is that I have to buy the phones at SOR prices which can be very expeseive. The i530 that we typically sale for $24.99 with new 2 year activation is going to cost me about $200. Oh, well.

And for my next Mac...iMac. I've decided that my next Macintosh will be a 20-inch Intel iMac. I love using my PowerBooks and no doubt that switching to a MacBook Pro or a MacBook would be a massive upgrade for the same piece of hardware, I think I'll stick with my mobile warriors and get something a little more powerful to use at home.

And speaking of home...when Liz and I buy our house (hopefully soon), one of my requests is that I have my own room (what am I, 10 years old). Not my own room, but more like a den. Someplace where I can keep a small to mid-sized humidor and where I can sit and have a smoke and a drink every one and a while without having to take myself outside in the South Texas heat and humidity.

And speaking of cigars...I've switched my main brand from Avo 2 to Rocky Patel Edge Cigars (Toro Maduro, I think). There are two versions of this particular brand of cigar that I'm very fond of, but think in general I like the RP line of smokes.

A big thanks goes out to Ephrain! He brought in some friends and his brother-in-law to my store today. It was extremely slow because of the Labor Day weekend, but I sold his brother-in-law, Clay, a Boost phone and his friend Romeo got some information on Nextel. I think he's looking to buy an i580 (a really nice, durable phone with a great screen). I'm trying to get Bia to find a way to get me a Canadian i833 from Telus and get it unlocked for use with Nextel. That would be very cool.


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