Friday, August 25, 2006

OK, so I'm tired and this probably won't be a very substantial post. I'll be lucky if this makes sense.

I think I've finally decided on the iDEN Motorola i836 for my Nextel phone. It's small and most of the indications is that it has poor battery life, but I think it will work for what I need it to do. I like it because it is the smallest phone out there and it's probably the sleekest.

I had spent most of the winter and spring growing out my hair. Dolores cut it as soon as I got back from a St. Louis in the early part of June and it looked really really good. I let it go for a few weeks and than went back to Jeanette for a trim. Oh man, She totally fucked my hair up. I had spent so much time growing it out only to have a nit wit with barber's shears fuck it up. And not once, but twice. She cut it once and it didn't work out. So I went back to her to let her try and fix it, but that didn't work out either. And she charged me for the fixer. "Screw it" I thought and went back to Dolores for a real hair cut. Well, she must have been having an off day too because her hair cut wasn't that great either. So I've been walking around with a fucked up hair cut for almost two months now. I finally found some time to go back to Dolores and have her just cut my hair all off. And finally it looks decent again. So much so that I've gotten several compliments on it today.


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