Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ephrain and I drove to Austin at 6am to speak at an HD Vest compliance meeting. I got a chance to speak to a room full of CPAs, EAs and financial planners about what my bank can offer them and their clients. I started out by talking about how our bank was founded and the how the core tenets of our business model have been refined over years of economic expansion and turbulence. I got a fairly warm reception at the end of my spiel and I got more than a few laughs (always a good thing).

Lunch was OK. I had the country/bar-b-q cobb salad or something like that. Not really something I would eat if I had my choice. By the time E and I left the meeting and got on the road back to SA, our business day was pretty much over and so we decided to head on home.

BTW, if your local Burger King offers the Texas Double Whopper with bacon and jalapenos - take a Bayer aspirin and order two!


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