Sunday, July 23, 2006

Oh bullshit!!!!

I love my Treo 700p. No, listen to me, I mean I f*ckin love my Treo 700p. I love the way it feels in my hand when I talk on it. I love that it notifies me as soon as I get an email on any one of my several email accounts. I love that it not only stores my contacts, but divides them and further sub-divides them. I love that it reminds me what I've got to do at any given moment. And...I love the way it looks. Oh, God, it is so f*ckin sexy.

So you can imagine the f*ckin coronary I had when I hear a "thud" and look down to see my sprawled across the sidewalk with its battery skittering across the concrete like a lego-luge. Ugh, f*ck sh?t!!! The Treo still works, it's still with us, we haven't lost it. But it's got some savage gashes on the back, right on the fuckin rim of the camera lense.

fuck, shit, piss, fuck, cock, shit, fuck, fuck!!!!

And I don't have insurance on it. Yeah, dropping it isn't an offense worth making an insurance claim about, but I'd fuckin' lie! Now I've got to work over time at the store to earn enough money to buy one SOR. That's, like, $800. Sh!t.


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