Sunday, September 10, 2006

Yesterday I was on a solo-mission at the cell phone store. Due to some type of scheduling SNAFU I was the only person at the store on a Saturday. Not a huge problem, stressful at times. I know I lost at least two sales because I had to tend to several customers at once, but I made it out of the day with a Helio activation and a Verizon activation and a hodge-podge of accessories. Nothing really profitable though. In order to treat myself, I bought the Helio demo phone home so I could gift Liz's new replacement Kickflip with the ringers she had previously and some new music.

I am a pretty good sales person...
Early in the day two kids came in the store and I talked to them about Helio. One of them really liked the Kickflip. He liked it so much that he came back later in the day with his mom in tow. The mom said to me, "You're supposed to be such a great salesman, let's see if you sales this phone to me!" So I started off with all of the usual specs as to why I thought this particular phone was better than any phone in the store. I peaked her interest, but she still wasn't sold. She explained that she had just bought her son a 1Gb iPod Nano and what was so different about this phone. I explained to her that this phone was expandable up to 4Gb and could hold music as well, it has a TV output so he could play his music over the television or stereo, but most importantly, when he's go running while listening to music on his Helio as opposed to his Nano, if anything happens, he could call you or 911...and with it's GPS function, the police could hone in on him. Sold!

Congratulations to Roman who got his first (and second tooth) this week - he's been a busy boy. Liz and I were wondering why he had been so fussy lately. He didn't run a fever like Sophie did when she was teething and his stool didn't turn into something out of a Nine Inch Nails video. Two down and however many to go.

Another congratulations also goes out to Ephrain and Jackie who had their son Nicolas Abram Briseno last week. Where as Chloe (their first daughter) took heavily after E, Nicolas apparently takes after Jackie. Which is another way to say that Nicolas is a white-boy.

Sprint/Nextel should be dropping their first CDMA/iDEN hybrid phone in October. It's going to be the ic502 and I think I want it. I already got my Nextel demo line set up ($20/month for 3000 anytime minutes and unlimited everything else) on our last i530b. I went with such a bulky, ruggedized phone because that's the type of phone I think of when I think about Nextel and also because it's a discontinued model and it might got for decent money on eBay later on.

Big "Hello" to my Wichita connection, Jess. It was good to hear from you and I can't wait until you can come down and hang out with Pratik and I.


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