Sunday, October 08, 2006

Apple to buy Think Secret?

I went to a chamber of commerce mixer last night. I was speaking with an account executive from a web design company here in town. As our conversation turned to technology I felt obligated to mention that I'm a die-hard Mac-Zealot. She mentioned that they recently interviewed the guy who started the Think Secret website. Apparently, he is a student at a private university here in town. This guy (I didn't get his name) told her that he started Think Secret when he was 16 and sold the website to a friend of his when he went away to college and now this guy is currently in talks with Apple to sell the website to them!

If this is true this raises some interesting questions. Is Apple buying the website to shut it down? Is Apple planning to publicize the purchase of Think Secret or are they going to control the website behind the scenes to use as viral marketing?

I don't know how true this information is, but Apple's history of legal strikes on rumor sites, this wouldn't surprise me.


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