Tuesday, October 17, 2006


So I'm in the Apple store the other day, looking at a black MacBook, when one of the Mac Specialists comes over and starts talking to me. First of all, let me make a quick overservation. Is it me, or is it Apple corporate policy to disagree with whatever the customer says? A while back (before the MacBook and MacBook Pro), I went to the same Apple store looking at iBooks. When I told the Mac Specialist that I wanted an inexpensive and light-weight Apple laptop, she sneered at me, "Why don't you just get a PowerBook?" When I went back to the same store a week later and ran into the same Specialist and told her that I was considering buying a 12" PowerBook because I wanted an inexpensive and light-weight laptop, she said "Than you're looking for an iBook!" WTF?

So back to my initial story: I'm picking a black MacBook to see how heavy it is when this Specialist engages me and...well...on second thought, maybe I shouldn't blog anything because I'd hate to piss off Apple. I'll get back with more details when the time is right.


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