Thursday, November 16, 2006

God Kills TV

How much TV do you watch any more? She wen to art school to spite her parents and prove to herself that she was different. He wore dirty jeans, a cheap t-shirt, but had $1000 Ferragamo loafers. A man has to be pimpin' in his shoes.

Is jPod a sequel to Microserfs?

Baud is a nostalgic word from 1995 when Microsoft was still the plucky little underdog. I don't think I've been meeting enough people? I don't think you've been completely truthful with me"

"What do you mean? What the fuck do you mean?" she shouted.

"You're a liar. I believe that you are a liar and you've told me so many lies that even the truths are stained and false".

They staired at each other and moved their chests like a marathon runner finding his second wind. Anger was buzzing in both of their ears and John could feel his blood pressure rising enough to make him think twice about it. They could hear traffic in the distance and they both wanted to be somebody else far away than standing here, right now, in this awkward situation.

When I first saw the BlackBerry 8100 "Pearl" a little piece of me whispered "You complete me". Unfortunately, the Pearl came out on the T-Mobile network which is probably the worst mobile network in San Antonio. I saw a C|Net commercial in which Douglas Coupland is sitting in a really cool study and he's looking down at his thumb which is feeling up the full frontal nudity of the negresse techno skin of the Pearl. "Douglas Coupland uses the Pearl" a voice over announces. Damn! I wish I could use the Pearl, but when I was in Dallas I couldn't get a signal in the damn hotel I was staying in. Not for a single moment! I couldn't get a signal to call my wife, receive my email or send photos back home.

"Never go on eBay shopping drunk!" - Douglas Coupland

***The previous post was written while I was extremely tired and listening to a Canadian radio talk show host interview novelist Douglas Coupland.


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