Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sprint or Verizon

So right now I'm paying several differnt phone bills to several different carriers and I'm getting tired of throwing little bits of money in different directions; I'd rather throw a whole lot of money in one specific direction.

I know that I want need to go with an CDMA/EVDO carrier, so that means either Sprint or Verizon. But which one.

Verizon is a Mac-friendly company when it comes to their EVDO data cards and they were the first to market with a PCI Express/34 card that would work with the MacBook Pro (if only I had a MacBook Pro). Verizon also boasts the widest coverage of any single carrier. The major downside: completely uninspiring hardware. Verizon has not brought a phone to market that has excited to me since they launched their version of the Motorola V60. I was psyched when they brought the Moto Q to market, but I actually bought that phone and returned it within my 14 day buyer's remorse period.

Sprint is not as Mac-friendly, but I don't think I would call them Mac-haters. I don't even know if Sprint knows their is such a computer company known as Apple. The strong point with Sprint is that instead of building more and more towers (a la Verizon) they are lighting newer towers that support EVDO Rev A. Rev A is supposed to be an upgrade to the current standard of EVDO and gives subscribers a suitable boost on up/down speeds. Sprint also dropped the Novatel Ovation 720 USB modem, which would be perfect for a MacBook owner. Their handsets are far from cutting edge, but they over some cool and useful features, such as On Demand.

I don't know which carrier I'm going with just yet, and when I do pick a carrier, I don't know if I'm going to go with a Treo/BlackBerry or just a regular handset. I do know that if I activate with Verizon, I'd like to get the Samsung a990 3.2 MPixel camera phone. Friggin' sweet.


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