Friday, November 03, 2006

Sky Harbor WiFi

Phoenix is more of a conglomeration of suburbs that have lost it's center of gravity and have clung together trying to achieve some level of socio-economic equilibrium. This search for life in the desert has given the citizens and government of the valley a thirst for innovation and achievement. Keep in mind that I'm not a economist, political scientist or anthropologist; I've come to this conclusion simpy by the fact that Phoenix's Sky Harbor airport has free WiFi!. Did you read that: f-r-e-e W-i-F-i. Being a mobile warrior, finding any place that offers a free stream of 802.11x is like a nomad finding an oasis in the middle of the Sahara. Sweet, delicious and refreshing WAN!

San Antonio International (SAI) has a WiFi signal that is detectably and misleadingly labels it "WiFi4Public" or something like that. However, when you open your browser it takes you a page that asks you to input a credit card for either per/hour useage, a day pass or a monthly membership. Whatever? WiFi is like water or light, I don't mind paying for it for my own house, because I have to, but I expect every other place to offer comparable accomodations at no extra charge. Oh, when will SA ever figure it out.

I wonder how it is in Austin? I'm sure I could find a listing of free Wifi sites in Austin, but I'd prefer to drive up there and try them for myself.

Anyway, kudos to the city of Phoenix for somehow figuring out how to sustain life in the inhospitable sandbox of the Southwestern United States; and for keeping life well connected while it's doing it!


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