Thursday, December 28, 2006

Flu or flu-like symptons. That's what I have. I feel horrible. Both kids have been sick, going back to Christmas Eve. I think I picked up whatever they had/have. I started feeling really bad yesterday, so I requested today as a vacation today because I knew it would just get worse, and at least I wouldn't have to call in.

And even though I could sleep in, I had to move my car so my Mom could go to work. When I tried to get out of bed I was so cold, or more accurately "chilled", that I couldn't stop shaking. I was really thirsty and chugged lukewarm water straight from the tap. When Liz check my tempature, it was 102.9. I felt horrible. Needless to say that I spent all day in bed. I got up to refill glasses or orange juice and take vitamin C and drink more Smartwater - which truly is the best bottled water around! At least Liz and I think so.

I slept part of the day (a large part), but I also tried watching some weekday daylight television. MTV was playing all of the episodes of Two-A-Days at Hoover High or something like that. It's an engaging show and I found myself really interested in what was going to happen to all of these people. After the last episode, MTV played a trailer for the new season of Two-A-Days. Will coach Rush Probst earn a 5th high school football championship? No. I checked the website and the Bucs go all the way to the Championship game only to falter.

Here's what sucks about me being as sick as I am right now. I absolutely have to go to work tomorrow because I'm going to be the only banker on duty. Everybody else is out on vacation. So if I were to call in (which I don't think I will) our office is basically going to be shut down until the new year.


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