Friday, January 26, 2007

Bionic Bobbie

My grandmother had a pacemaker inserted just under her collar bone yesterda afternoon. This was recommended by her cadiologist as a treatment for a severe irregular heartbeat. The whole procedure lasted about an hour and a half. We had been told that some patients feel a marked improvement in their overall health and well-being almost immediatley; however, the cardiologist stayed conseraive and told us he couldn't promise guarantee anything.

When we left the hospital last night, after the recommended 4 hours my grandmother lay absolutely flat on back and motionless, she looked more vibrant that she has in a long time. She ate better than she typically does. And though her voice was weak, she sounded more upbeat and maybe even slightly optimistic about possibly gettign out of the hospital on Friday.

On a sad note, Mickey has to go back to Little Rock to be with my aunt and nephews. Of course he does, but having him here for this trial has been absolutely priceless. I will miss spending hours upon hours sitting in a hot hospital room and talking about his MBA program and how to get the most out of his MacBook.


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