Friday, January 26, 2007

MacBook v. iMac

Since my uncle Mickey is in town and he doesn't have an Apple store in his hometown (c'mon, get with the times Little Rock), we stopped by the Apple store La Cantera the other night. It's no secret to anybody who knows me that I've been pining over the MacBook Pro since it was introduced about a year ago; and even more so now that it has been upgraded to a Core 2 Duo. But I started using a 24" iMac at the Apple store and really enjoyed it. I had more screen real estate that I've ever had before on Mac OS X. Obviously it was faster than anything I've ever owned. And the ability to play a movie/DVD and have an experience similar to watching my Sharp Aquos was also really nice. And I didn't have the problem that I currently have with my 12" PowerBook in that when I play a video (i.e. Diggnation) I'm struggling to get the audio levels up on the tiny little speakers on the backside of the PowerBook's tiny frame. I might have to reconsider what my next Mac purchase will be...Hmmm.

In a related story: Chances are good that I might purchase an 8GB iPod Nano today...but what color?


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