Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why are there so many religions?

If there is only one God, as many religions are want to teach, than why are there so many religions? I believe that the answer lies somewhere within anthropology - at least that's one way of describing this theory of divine extrapolation.

My belief is that there is only one God. And when God reveals himself to a people (Native Americans, Arabs, Japanese, etc) he does so within the context of that people's culture. For example, the Native Americans were a group of people whose entire existence was based on their understanding and use of natural resources. So when God revealed himself to them, he did so in the form of the "Tree Spirit" or the "Water Spirit", simply because that is what they could understand best. Their form of worship may be different, but is no less than that of, say, the Catholic Mass or Jewish Services.

Ultimately, what I'm getting at here, is that despite what religion a person is (based on their culture, ethnicity and geography) if they choose to worship, they worship the same God as every other religion, just in a different way. When a Buddhist monk sits in meditation, the act is not dissimilar than a Lutheran who prays before bed. They are both rituals of metaphysical awareness and meant to exercise ones spiritual state.

These are the things I think about since being unemployed.


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