Thursday, January 25, 2007

Since grandma's surgery wasn't scheduled until this afternoon, Mick and I decided to spend out morning catching up on household errands. Unfortunately, the doctor had a different agenda. Dr. Roman Gonzalez decided to take my grandmother into surgery around 11am. Mick, Henry and I raced to the hospital and arrived just as grandma was being wheeled into the surgery room. I was stranded in the parking lot looking for parking. Methodist Hospital is a great facility and we've more positive experiences than negative, but they have the absolute worst parking lot every. By the time I got my Accord nestled between two yellow lines, my grandmother was being wheeled back into her room for recovery.

The good news is that the procedure went very well. The doctor reported that my grandmother did very well. So far her blood pressure and tempature are where they should be and she's showing no sign of infection. I hope the rest of her convalesence goes as well.


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