Monday, February 12, 2007

The Mall, Sudoko and a New MacBook Pro?

I've been extremely busy at work. We came up with an idea to open a mall kiosk to sell our MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Netowrk Operators), like Helio, Amp'd, and Disney Mobile. It took me over a month to get the deal up and running and at the verey last moment, the deal was canned because our coporate folks wanted us to use a kiosk that won't be available for another couple of months. Good grief!

Liz has been such an extremely good help with my grandparents. As a wife (and best friend), she has gone far beyond what I could ever expect of her to do and as a small thank you I upgraded her Nintendo Gameboy Micro to a DS Lite. I bought her Mario Kart DS and Brain Age. Since she has a brand new system to play with in her spare time, I inherited her old Gameboy Micro. However, I've become slightly addicted to Sudoku (one of the featured games on Brain Age). I even went as far to download a Sudoku widget for my PowerBook's dashboard so I can get my fix when she's got the DS.

I was talking to Bia the other day and I hinted at a no-interest loan for a new MacBook Pro. Suffice to say that we were talking fast and about a completely different subject, but she said "yes". I'm sure we could make an arrangement to where she would just take the payment out of my paycheck and that way I don't have to pull money out of my savings to get some upgraded hardware.


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