Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

Not wanting to fight the Valentine's dinner rush, Liz and I opted for lunch at W.D. Deli. Their spinach chicken salad sandwich is great. I had already given Liz a Nintendo DS Lite with Brain Age and Mario Kart DS, but I also wanted to give her something a little more sentimental. So for Valentine's Day Liz got a pink iPod shuffle engraved with "". I bought Liz a web domain commemorating one of my pet names for her from years ago. As far as what she'll do with the domain, I don't' know. I told her she should learn web design and development, but if it just sits there than let it be. Did she like it? Emphatically, yes! She thought it was a really "cute" and unique gift. Now, just to get my hands on that new iPod.


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