Saturday, April 21, 2007

A few more days and I'm officially emancipated from Wells Fargo.

Today Bose had a presentation at La Cantera. As part of the presentation, I got a free Bose t-shirt with a huge  (Apple) on the back. Very cool.

Since I've retired my 12" PowerBook, I decided to start putting some of my stickers on it. The only one that I have right now is Laughing Squid logo. I just bought a japanese hacker sticker to go across the top of my PBook. I think the next logical choice is to put a grateful dead sticker, since that was the first sticker to go on my old PowerBook 540c that I had in college. I'm also thinking of putting my "Mugen" emblem somewhere on the chassis, but since it is a raised sticker that supposed to go on the back of a car I'll need to think about that one.

Stickers aren't the only change I'm making to my old 12" PowerBook. I'm loading it full of open-source software in place of all of the normal applications that come with it. So instead of Safari, I'm using Fire Fox and instead of, I'm using Thunderbird. I loaded NeoOffice in place of Office for Mac. When I get some time I'll swap out Photoshop for GIMP.

In some other news, my South Dakota/Kansas connection, "Big Jess", is making his way to back to South Texas for a visit. Can't wait to see him and his hetero life-mate, Sara(h).


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