Sunday, April 22, 2007

Just a quick announcement that went live on my server last night. It's far from a completed project (i.e. none of the links works), but I've been dragging my feet for long enough. I thought by putting the site on the internet it would be more of an incentive to keep working on it.

A Unix Side Note
I decided that I would try a two week one week experiment in which I would only use my MacBook Pro in Single User Mode (hold Command + S during boot up) and work exclusively through the Terminal while in regular mode. Essentially, I'm only allowing myself to move, copy and delete files via Unix commands and open and close processes using Terminal.

Why am I subjecting myself to this denial of Aqua-goodness? 1) I want to become more proficient at the command line and 2) my mom bought me a book for Christmas two years ago from O'Reilly, "Unix for Mac OS X Tiger" that I've just starting reading.


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