Monday, April 23, 2007

***I wrote a much larger post, but Blogger dumped all of my input while trying to upload it, so here is the condensed version***

I went bowling last night as part of an office team builder. I realized half way through that i don't really like bowling. How do I know I like where I work, when bowling got boring we started hacking the lane computer.

Wells Fargo
Today is officially my last day of being employed by Wells Fargo. At midnight tonight at lose my pay, benefits, etc. Possibly this would have been a sad event, seeing how I was at WF for over five years, but it's not. The last interview I went on left a horrible taste in my mouth (not to be taken literally). The guy interviewing me really had no clue. He had no idea as to what type of work history and experience I was bringing to his group. He was clearly a manager more afraid of losing his job than trying to lead people. He, like most managers at WF, is looking for an automaton that will won't hurt his department metrics.

MacBook Pro
It's official! I'm in love with my MacBook Pro. Sure, I've always been fond of my PowerBooks, but I have a whole new feeling towards my new machine. I don't know if it's the blazing fast speed, the brighter screen or the built-in webcam, but I can't get enough keyboard time with it.

Seriously though, my MBook Pro has been a great machine thus far. It has made me more productive and I am amazed at just how fast the 2.33GHz Core 2 Duo processor really is. Love is a strong word, but I think it applies in this case.

I hate it when people refer to their Intel Macs as "MacIntels". What the hell does that mean? It's also as ignorant sounding as people who refer to their Dells as "puters" - I didn't know trailers could generate the wattage required to power up an eMachine.


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