Friday, May 05, 2006

Wicked Crazy Rain

We had wicked crazy rain in San Antonio last night. The roof of Joe's Crabshack blew off into the highway. The news is reporting some of the more phenomenal types of calamity brought overnight. I just hope my commute to work is uneventful.

I have an appointment with Ming this morning to get the interior of the Accord detailed and the leather conditioned. I also need to remember to take it to get the oil changed at the dealership Saturday morning.

Bonus time! Liz will be busy paying bills today and by this time tomorrow we'll be a little less in debt.

I recently found out that Sanyo wireless phones have won customer satisfaction awards from J. D. Power & Associates. That's really interesting. They're apparently not real flashy, but rock solid. Very nice - I wish Cingular offered Sanyo phones. Well, I guess if they did they would be orange or something.